Walking is a rhythmic relation of body and space - walking grooves!

 A videocamera is observing a walkers’ movement on a determined route in Vienna. We see how the city influences the walking rhythm, how the body relates to the urban environment. Inspired by the video, we compose music corresponding to the movement and the route. 
We are creating site-specific music that is based on the rhythm of a body that goes through that space, the public space, that is full of bodies producing rhythm. 

There are two separate tracks: one starting from the metro station Karlsplatz - Oper going to the Bahnorama tower (the great construction site of Vienna Main Station), the other one starting from Schwendermarkt in the 15th district going to the public library at Urban-Loritz-Platz (see images on the right).

The live performance consists of a concert and screening. Both video and music have their source in the walking rhythm.

Download the music from our website to experience the soundtrack for the two routes personally while walking!

Walking will be continued in other cities, especially in France and Turkey, as an artistic experiment that aimes to set up an expandable archive of routes.

katharina ernst - walking project
katharina ernst - walking project

Katharina Ernst

born in Autria in 1987

started playing the drums at age nine and never ever stopped.

Studies Painting / Abstraction at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
2008/09 stay in Istanbul (TR) over several months.
Since 2009 collaboration with Compagnie Luc Amoros (F), longer stays in France.

christine schörkhuber - walking project
christine schörkhuber - walking project

Christine Schörkhuber

studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Franz Graf and Dorit Margreiter (Video/Videoinstallation)

working as a freelance artist, filmmaker and media worker

part of the executive commitee of the IG Kultur Österreich, radio broadcast „Bewegungsmelder Kultur", participation at Faktum FLAKturm, AnaDoma Filmfestival Braunschweig,Viertelsfestival NÖ, So Fresh! DVD-Compilation of young video Art (Amici Associacioni Galleria Spazzapan), Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Crossing Europe 2010, SOHO Ottakring 2010, Parque de Sol, (Symposium of interdisciplinary Art, St. Pölten), Radia Radiokunstnetzwerk, Klangmanifeste (Echoraum,Wien) and others 

Residencies: 2008 St. Petersburg, Greasnoya Galeria, 2010 Budapest, (AIR Krems, Budapest, Galleria) 

Cooperation with Jazzwerkstatt Wien, snim – Netzwerk für improvisierte Musik, Hannes Löschel, Veronika Mayer, Florian Fennes, Laura Nöbauer, Stefanie Wuschitz, Ulla Rauter and others

Lukas Schiemer - Walking Project
Lukas Schiemer - Walking Project

Lukas Schiemer

was born in the very west of Austria in 1982. At the age of 8 years he started playing the piano and taking classes. From the age of 14 till now his instrument of choice has been the Saxo- phone, which led him to a “Bachelor of Arts” instrumental at the Conservatory of Vienna, 2007. 
He participated in lots of artistic projects as musician, actor, storyteller, composer, humorist and leader. He got in touch with almost all different styles of music ranging from classical music to Free-Jazz. Besides extensive journeys through Argentine, Uruguay and Chile he is currently playing and living in Vienna. Since 2008 he is studying “Instrumental and Chant Pedagogic” at the Music and Art University of Vienna.

Emirhan Üçkardas - Walking Project
Emirhan Üçkardas - Walking Project

Emirhan Üçkardas

was born in 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey. 
In 1998 he started playing the guitar in (rock, blues, pop and classic music).At the age of 17, he joined courses at the Istanbul University Conservatory and studied classical guitar with Ozan Akyatan. In 2003, he was accepted by Kocaeli University Fine Arts Depart- ment and studied music theory with Ulusoy, Erdem Öloglu during his undergratuade. He studied guitar and modern music theory with fievket Aküncü. 

He played as a sideman with famous pop singers like Zeynep Casalini, Burcu Günes,Tuba Önal. He started to work With KEDI Music Production and Film Industry. Ltd. Co. in 2007 and worked with famous Singers like Müslüm Gürses and Alex Tataryan as an arranger. After his graduate he started to teach guitar and music theory in Aydin University BIL Arts Academy. He worked with noumerous musicians and different groups. 

Jérôme Fohrer - Walking Project
Jérôme Fohrer - Walking Project

Jérôme Fohrer

was born in Eastern France in the region called Sundgau. 
He began his career with the electric bass and singer in rock formations. His growing interest in jazz was a major cause for his move to Stras- bourg, where he began his studies of the double bass. 
Never at home in stylistic straight-jackets, he found himself paving his way as a continuo-bassist, an improviser and orchestra-member playing contemporary and baroque music, and as a composer and jazz musician. 

His flexibility and security of style (and his sense of humor) have allowed him to take part in dozens of different projects in which inspiring musicians were active. His creativity has leaded him to work with groups well known for their original compositions and improvisations rather than those repeating a known repertoire.