ausdehnen : zusammenziehen (a : z)

ausdehnen : zusammenziehen (a : z), which can be translated by stretch : contract, is an ongoing choreographic research on the political dimension of rhythm.
Began in 2012, a : z pieces have been shown at Tanzquartier Wien, at Arsenale, Venice and at the Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, amongst other places. The work complex has won several international art competitions and prizes and was selected for residency programmes such as

- Artist Residency CAP, Center for Alternative Photography, Goa, India (2016, upcoming)
- Artist Residency GCC, Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea (2015)
- Nomination for Overall Winner of the Performance Section of Arte Laguna Prize 13.14 (2014)
- Special Mention for a : z_3 Figures at the awarding ceremony of Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale, Venice (2014)
- Nomination for the winner of Danse Élargie at Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, with a : z_approximate symmetries (2014)
- Winner of it's liquid - International Art Competition for ausdehnen : zusammenziehen (a : z) (2013)
- Honorary Prize of the Friends of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna for ausdehnen : zusammenziehen (a : z) (2013)
- Werkstück Residency, Tanzquartier Wien, with ausdehnen : zusammenziehen (a : z) (2013)
- CADHAME Residency at La Halle Verrière, Meisenthal, France with ausdehnen : zusammenziehen (a : z) (2013)

a : z is supported by SKE Fonds, The City of Vienna / New Media Department, The Federal Chancellary of Austria, The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, The Cultural Department of Lower Austria, TQW - Center for Contemporary Dance Vienna, La Halle Verrière - France, GCC Gyeonggi Creation Center - South Korea

Katharina Ernst: concept / composition / choreography



performers involved so far:


ddkern (A)

Johannes Egger (A)

Julien Grosjean (F)

Benjamin Schoppmann (D/A)

Christof Spanring (A)

Raphaël Michon (F)